Mestre Jelon . Mestre Guerreiro . C/Mestre Chuvisco

Capoeira Luanda

Contramestre Chuvisco

Was born in Goiania, GO, Brazil where he started his Capoeira training at the age of eight with MestreGuerreiro in Grupo Candeias. When he was 15, he left his future lucrative career as a soccer player to pursue his creative endeavors and life-long passion for Capoeira. Today, Mr. Silva studies Capoeira withMestre Jelon and holds the rank of contramestre in Capoeira Luanda. Mr. Silva has been a Capoeira guest teacher at the Federal University of SantaCatarina, Federal University of Goiás and ColegioAvila among others in Brazil. Internationally he has guest taught in Spain, France, Holland, Prague Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, Colombia and Germany. In the United States he also guest taught at Alvin Ailey Extension, Summer Stage, KIPP-AMP, Latin American Performance Program in NY; HoggetowneMiddle Charter School, Gainesville, FL, and in many Public Schools in New York City. He has won 1st Price in several Capoeira Tournaments in Brazil and in the United States. Has appeared in many magazines including RevistaCapoeira the most important Capoeira magazine in Brazil. Mr. Silva was a special guest for UNICEF at the Exchange Program in Trinidad, National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Awards as well as Project Exchange in Bahamas and many Capoeira events throughout the United States. Mr. Silva worked forDanceBrazil and toured extensively for 9 years, besides his duty as a performer, he was responsible for all out reach program and to introduce and maintain Capoeira awareness throughout communities and Public School during the company’s touring. Also he has participated in the production of the DVD Cid D Kid "Slave To The Beat", and in many percussion ensemble as a berimbau (Afro-Brazilian Instrument used in Capoeira) player and recorded on several artists projects. He has been a guest performer internationally at festivals and private community venues. In 2009 he was special guest at Vail Dance Festival in Vail, CO, and Houston Brazilian Festival, Houston, TX; and in DanceAfrica in Denver, CO.

Currently, Mr. Silva works as Professor for TischDrama Department at New York University.